Ucfirst is not doing it's job on capitalization

I am really stumped on this one. Users submit testimonials into the mySQL database. Right before the INSERT I manipulate the $summary and $keywords fields as shown below. It’s strange, because when I look in the database, the keywords have correctly all been changed to lowercase. However, the $summary continues to show in the database in ALL CAPS. How come ucfirst is not doing it’s job of making the first letter of a string a capital letter and the rest of the string lowercase?


$summary 	= $_REQUEST['summary'];
$keywords 	= $_REQUEST['keywords'];

$summary 	= addslashes($summary);
$summary	= ucfirst($summary);

$keywords 	= addslashes($keywords);
$keywords	= strtolower($keywords);

It is working correctly. ucfirst just converts the first letter to uppercase. It doesnt convert the rest to lowercase. Try converting the string to lower case first.


Thanks brother!