Ubuntu & Shorewall Issues!

Hello to everyone,

I’m a total newbie with very little experience with server setup and even less with any of the systems like, apache, etc., but trying to learn it as I go. I want to run my own dedicated server for my own site(s) and need help to get it working.

After some minor problems and following the installation instructions I found on this web page:

I installed the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS 32 bit version.

I managed to get the system installed and working. Unfortunately I ran into a few problems I have yet to resolve and hope to find the answers to them here.

First problem is my version of apache (after it was all upgraded) does not have these two security features I’m supposed to edit, in it: Perhaps they have been removed, upgraded or are called something else in the upgrade version?

Scroll down (down arrow) to where it says “ServerTokens Full” and change it to read “ServerTokens Prod”

Now, scroll down a little further and change “ServerSignature On” to “ServerSignature Off”

Second problem: installing the Shorewall firewall

I enter this line: sudo aptitude install shorewall

I get a bunch of messages some say Done at the end others don’t so if its actually been installed or not your guess is as good as mine. I suspect it has not simply because when I issue this command:

sudo cp /usr/share/doc/shorewall-common/examples/one-interface/* /etc/shorewall/

it returns a “no such file or directory”. And when I issue this command:

sudo nano /etc/shorewall/rules

I get the editing screen with the file name of the shorewall at the top but a blank screen! SO there is nothing to edit?

Any help with these issues would be appreciated.