Ubuntu Server 9.10 w/ KDE LAMP Questions

I recently installed Ubuntu Server 9.10 with KDE and LAMP. Everything is working great but the security on the given box is non-existent. I even think I can see the entire file system when using PuTTY with the credentials I used or have when using sudo–I wish to have only the “www” folder be seen “like a normal web server.” How can I make this happen and what am I doing wrong here?

As far as I know, logging in using SSH (which is what PuTTY does) will always show you the complete file system, regardless which user logs in (root or not).

I’m guessing what you want is FTP, which in fact can be restricted to only show a portion of the file system?

Oh. I never realized that. Then why can I only see my personal hosting space when logging into my HostMonster server? I know that WinSCP3 uses SFTP. Is that the reason?

Hmm, googled it a bit, and it seems “chroot jail” will do the trick (restricting SSH/SFPT).

Take a look here.