Ubuntu GUI Client for GitHub.com


Does anyone here know if there are any GUI clients that I can use to commit my project files to my github.com account?

Many thanks in advance

You can try gitk for a more graphical view of your git commits.
There is a GUI for git called git-gui for Linux. You should be able to install it from the package manager of your distribution.

ok but will it support github.com?

Both options support git. Github.com is a lot of social hoo-ha, but underneath it all it is just a provider of git source control.

Make better sense now?

Thanks, wwb_99, for clarifying that point.

@cancer10: Git is completely independent and can be remotely hosted just about anywhere. Github has done a terrific job of constructing a “community” aspect around hosting git repositories.
If you want a cheaper (aka FREE) alternative, take a look at this.

Dropbox is in no way an alternative for a distributed version control system (DCVS). It does solve one problem that DCVSes solve – synching files between users. It does not let one do many of the more important things a DCVS lets one do – like version history, branching and merging.

Anyhow, if you want someplace with free, private git repositories, you should checkout bitbucket.


Thanks for the replies.

What do I connect the GUI to my GIT account? I mean what connection string do I specify to connect and where do I specify it?

Any help will be appreciated.