U.S. Drafting Bill to Require Sites to Provide "Internet Wire taps"

Hello everyone,

I just heard about this on the news and went hunting for an article, and found one:


Basically, it says that they would require all internet services that provide communication services to be able to provide wire taps.

Additionally, it also says that any foreign businesses that provide services in the United States must have an office would could provide wire taps.

What’s unfortunately is they’ve made no mention of the impact that this would actually have on the services.

Does this mean that any website that has forums and private messaging would have to provide this? Not only that, but if you aren’t in the US, you’d have to maintain an office over here just in case they want to tap your site? What if you can’t, do you have to block access to the US? All of this likely at the cost of the service provider.

Also, if they wiretap Facebook for example, what’s to prevent them from taking it too far and look at more than they’re authorized to look at.

I understand their reasoning, but I don’t think they understand the internet.


Oh, my other thought is that “bad guys” are just going to learn web design and start creating their own sites which won’t be tapped, meaning this bill would be rather pointless too.

1984 here we come

Sounds like another half baked attempt by US Government officials who don’t really understand how the internet works, or just another excuse for mass surveillance of the population.

“Bad guys” have been making web sites for years/decades :slight_smile: