Typing fast while using your all fingers

This might sound funny but i think i am too slow in typing and need to know how to type fast, i mainly use my index fingers of both hands and that about it. Making me too slow in writing code. Any tips?

Google “Touch Typing” and you will find tons of tutorials and practice online. It takes a lot of practice but eventually you should be able to type as fast as you can read.


I know of someone who reads at over 15000 words a minute (they could read faster if there were more words per page as their reading speed is dependent on how quickly they can turn the pages) - no one can type anywhere near that fast.

Obviously I was not referring to speed readers. Maybe as an illustration I should have said you could type as fast as you normally speak. I have found conducting many chats with students online during the virtual schooling courses that I taught, that I have been able to type at the speed of a normal conversation - the point being that once you learn what fingers to use for which letters, all you need to do is persist and practice and you will be able to type your code very quickly.

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that’s more accurate

How important would the keyboard be when learning to type fast? A desktop computer would feel very different to a laptop I would imagine

Practice both maybe?

I guess it’s much like learning to drive both left and right hand drive cars. With practice it’s quite straightforward to switch. I’m at the point now, where it can take a few days, before I consciously notice I’m not driving on the same side of a vehicle as I was earlier in the week.

I was really slow. then i discover a website called 10fastfingers.com where i create a account and start practicing now i don’t need to look and buttons to type. i would like to suggest you as well. Thank you

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Haha, I’ve never driven a car on the other side. It sounds terrifying :smiley: but fair point

I learned typing in high school about 46 years ago. It is difficult to type properly using most computer keyboards and nearly impossible for tablets and laptops.

The way you are supposed to do it is to put your fingers on the keyboard such that your left little finger is on the “a” and your pointing finger is on the “f”. For your right hand it is the pointing finger on the “j” and little finger on the “;”. If you look at / feel the “f” and “j” keys closely you will feel / see a little horizontal bar in most keyboards. That is so your fingers can find them without looking. Your thumbs are then over the space bar. You need to learn where each letter is at. You need to move your fingers up or down for most characters but your fingers are supposed to be (mainly by default) over the “a” to “l” row because those letters are used most frequently.

I am using a cheap keyboard. I keep making mistakes if I do it that way. A good keyboard costs close to $100 but if you are a good typist then you will really appreciate the good keyboard.

You should be able to find software that can help your fingers learn where the keys are at so your brain does not need to tell them. A good typist can type without looking at the keyboard.

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