Type of Glass?

I’m trying to find a fairly high resolution graphic of a specific type of glass. Has anyone seen this type of glass whereas it’s sorta opaque and it can have lettering on it that is usually white, which you’ll find in doctors offices etc. Anyone know where I could find a large resolution image of this type of glass?

It’s not really frosted glass, it’s hard for me to describe I hope someone could show a picture cause I searched a few days ago.

This sort of thing?

Or a broader search for “Frosted Glass”

If you know of a sample in local offices you could always grab your camera and save yourself some $$.

There is also a faux frosted glass in a spray can. The big places like Home Depot or similar have them. It might be something you can use to simulate.

Here is a link to a product like that:

You can then take your own photo.

It’s not as frosted :slight_smile: It’s more foggy although it’s close.