Two sidebars in wordpress

Ok, I need to add two sidebars to my wordpress theme, tne one on the right it the standard one about categories etc, but the one on the left is a flash animation, do I hardcode it in or use a plugin

Use a text/html widget.

If you want to change and put two sidebars you have to know to work a bit in HTML. from the source of your page you can make whatever you want.

Simply edit the sidebar.php or what is it called in your wp-content/themes/THEME_NAME/ folder and add it there.

you can search themes with two sidebar, or you can make banner rotator witgwts to customise your banner.

THats an easy task, just type “how to add sidebar in wordpress” in google search, i can not give you the link because in am new where and its the violation of SP rules and most of the forums. But i can help you further if there is any problem.

I know how to put one sidebar in wordpress and I’m fairly sure how to put the second one in, what I’m not sure is how to pit the flash content in the second one, will it show up hardcoded, or do I need to use a plugin or widget, like how I do with adsense

You need to ad flash contents with embed HTML codes in your sidebar. Please search for it as you know my restrictions ON SP.