Two Character Domain Name

Hey guys

I’m trying to register a two character domain name e.g. fo.od but everywhere I go to register it, they say the minimum is 3 characters.

Surely this can’t be true?

most tld’s do require 3 letters like .info etc , as for dot dom then all those are gone long ago.

aside from the fact that “foe dot oh dee” is rather lame (no offence), i don’t think the “od” top level domain even exists

The latest list of country specific top level domains I have doesn’t have anything between .nz (New Zealand) and .om (Oman).

I’m not quite sure if you understand what e.g. means, but I’m here to tell you it means example.

I try’d filling in a 2 letter domain at, and it says for some country’s that is the wrong syntax, and for others it says free or taken. So it looks like some country’s do allow a 2 letter domain, while others don’t. It doesn’t seem like you have a lot of options with European domain extensions if you want a 2 letter domain.

Thanks Tijmen and others, I think I have concluded that the prefix I want (.ec) simply has to be more than two characters long. So much for my domain!

i’m not quite sure if you understand what prefix means, but i’m here to tell you it means the bit on the front

Touché! Consider us level :slight_smile:

could some one help me in finding 2 digit domain name registrar… looking for the same info…

Rajesh Kanuri

First of all do not hijack the thread and create your own
next: which domain name extension you are seeking for. Id that is allowed for that domain name extension that could be all combination are already taken

I think I haven’t hijacked any thread and created my own… looking for the same info so posted here…

It’s possible and it’s even working :slight_smile:

And of course there is (oh how I wish for an al.ex), ironcially I was looking for interesting domains to register earlier but came up with the same kind of issue you were… the TLD for my name doesn’t exist (to register the hack) and my name is far to common for me to get the com, net or org… how depressing! If I ever have kid’s I’m registering their TLD’s at birth to ensure they won’t encounter this problem… and you should all do the same! :wink:

it may be a rule for this extension

huh? what may be a rule for which extension?

You can still find available two character domains, although mostly in rather obscure and expensive extensions.

If you want a more attractive extension, the .biz registry is currently auctioning off previously unreleased two character .biz domains.