Twitters new look

Just logged in to twitter and a message popped up asking do I wish to try out the new version. Upon pressing OK I have mixed feelings on the new look.

The layout is much wider and will cause some rethinks on any twitter background (including mine :frowning: ) as each side has not much space to play around with. Hopefully twitter has some settings to combat this problem.

The main reason making it wider is you can view each message to the right aswell on the left. The ‘Who to follow’ displays more people rather than just the two.

I will get use to the new design, but my main complaint is the background issue so I’m reverting back to the old style for the time being.

What are your thoughts?

I logged yesterday but i haven’t encountered the issue you encountered. I’m still using the old one. Oh, did Twitter neglect me? :frowning: I’m beginning to feel jealous now, it’s seem there’s a favoritism.

Anyway, on my point of view if you aren’t satisfied with the new look then better to stick to the old one. What will you do with the new version if you are not happy.

I better go and look at twitter.I always forget its there.

I havent had an invite :frowning:
I feel so left out and neglected… I’m sure I will get over it

Can you summarise the differences Spence or is it just the width that has changed?

New twitter is the best. I like it.

Still using the old one, and I like it because it is simple.

The new Twitter page looks terrible and cluttered. I hope they don’t change it to that.

I’ve done a quick screen shot here:

I think you may have to follow #newtwitter before getting an invite to view the new look.

But as you can see the bar at the very top now has the search box, home, profile and messages links. Below shows whats happening on the left, and to the right displays other info about you and new trends, etc.

Even though it does look very nice it’s the background I’m concerned for businesses it was a way of free advertising.