Twitters hash tag has me a little confused

Good Afternoon from 9 degrees C wetherby UK

I’m trying to get a better understanding of how search results are retrieved in Twitter. Take this scanario for instance. Via twitter search (see screen grab for illustration

) you enter Vintage Clothing. The results
show tweets where some have #Vintage #clothing in the text whilst others just have the term vintage clothing in the tweet.

So my question is please… “If your client asks how do i get my tweets picked up by searchers looking for vintage clothing should i ad hash tags or not bother and just mention the term in the tweek”

Put another way, why do some tweeters hash tag a key pharse and place term in the snippet. I’m, a bit confused…

Hashtags create a clickable link in most Twitter clients [and on the website] and are often used to attach to events without being a logical word but are not required for search results.

In that first tweet you pointed to there are a number of random seeming hashtags but each refers to a topic that is being talked about. Someone searching on those trends won’t find the other tweets.

Now for some strategy it’s important to realize that most user’s don’t search out information on a topic but rather find it from people they follow. However hashtags make it more likely that someone will jump into the “stream” and being attached makes sense but that doesn’t mean you should cram in a dozen hashtags, it just makes your tweets look like spam.

Thank You ted, youve made me think that maybe hastags are best for events and not to be abused as a push marketing technique and looking all spammy. Thank you again :slight_smile: