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According to latest news Twitter is going to run a beta test for a new messaging feature. One of the updates will be color-coded replies which will help you to distinguish your friend’s answers from other users.
Is it the really needed thing? As for me I rarely use a conversation windows there and read everything. I know who are my followers and who are not. It’s just an update for update or it’s a really needed step?

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I don’t use Twitter so much so I don’t concerned about this update.
I see that social media updates mostly don’t reflect any useful feature.
It’s more like to show they improve their product somehow.

For me it’s also seems like they’re not really improving the service, but only try to make anything to be mentioned on different news in order not to let people forget about them :slight_smile: There are many cases when apps gets only worse after updates. Anyway, let’s see, maybe it will be something cool.

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I think that the first option is appropriate. Twitter no longer knows how to attract attention. I do not like twitter.

It seems to be the meaning of Twitter in its publicity. Is not it? I understand the stress about the accounts, but not some individual tweets. But if you talk in general, then Twitter is not a place where you can feel safe :)) It’s better not to think about it at all.

Let’s get this thread back on-topic. The question is this:

Please confine your replies to the question at hand. There are other threads with more general discussions of Twitter.

Exactly this thing is not needed.They are updating so that more user can interact i.e. it is just an update and also giving updates means also fixing some bugs.

The thing i don’t think anyone is managing to get right is how to return relevent content but not limit people to only learning the same information

That would also be assisted by algorithm-sorting, which, theoretically, would help users stay up to date with the most personally relevant aspects of any discussion, and help to boost engagement.

So if you are interested in one thing you only get the same thing returned. But to me this doesn’t promote learning anything new or outside of the narrow margins that each person has now pigeon holed themselves in.

But having said that i don’t actually use twitter, i just need to be aware of it for professional reasons, so perhaps I am missing something.

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