Twitter signup for businesses

To sign up as a business, do you use the same form as everyone on the home page?

I don’t see another form, only on the “Start Advertising” which is for paid-for’s. Won’t be doing ads.

Yes, you can just use the usual registration form.

Thanks Wayne – Then the business name must go in the first field ’ Full name’ which will also be the username?

Can’t make my mind up if I should; a) put in the ‘.com’ in the Full name field (which is on the website home page/logo) and b) whether to put the username in caps, its a three part name. Suggestions?

Also, can I open more than a one business account (don’t know if they track ip’s)

Your name should follow a logical convention that appeal to people rather than just pushing your brand. For example all caps is going to stand out as shouting in every tweet.

And yes you can have many accounts all run off of the same IP as long as you aren’t using them to spam or building some sort of evil chain of self following and abuse or something. For example you may have a support account vs a brand account vs your personal account.

The name is akin to: /BlueGarageShop

Twitter has been trying to validate the username like this for about 40 minutes, like it’s caught in a loop, listing some simple suggestions below.

Although searching on the name - I know nobody else is using it.

Is this due to network issues you think? Have been trying 4-5 times just to get to the second page to come up.

I do want this validated before clicking “create account” button otherwise don’t know what I might end up with.

Thanks for that post, Ted, meant a lot.

Sorry for my double post, but something along the same lines…

I need to add a twitter account with a long name: 18 characters, 3 part.

Its something like: UpscaleDeskOutlets

Wondering about doing an abbreviated acronym - in actulaity the name is keyword rich. And whether to capitalize each of the 3.


Remember that there are two aspects to this: the @ name of your account (that appears in the URL—called a “handle”?) and the name that goes with the account. Personally, I’d suggest making the @ part nice and short, so that it’s easy to type. So while the name displayed on the account might be “Upscale Desk Outlets”, it would be nice if the handle were something like @udo or similar.

and that would free up more characters for tweets too.

then there is also that 48 x 48 graphic – what to do there with a long name - maybe use a symbol instead if possible…

Indeed! Otherwise around 8% of those precious characters are eaten up! :mrpac: :eatme: