Twitter layout

Have searched but cannot seem to find how to adjust the layout:

I load a 1200 x 600 gif or jpeg and the background has a strong grey gradient all its own, no matter if I change to a color or not.

Also, how do you shift the header (not the background) off to the left side, to where you see most Twitter Profiles.

I think you need to give a bit more information. The new header images are given a gray gradient by Twitter … so you can’t change that. (Don’t know if that’s what you are referring to, though.)

I don’t know if you have much control of the Twitter layout. Again, not sure what you mean by shifting the header to the left. Maybe a link with a screen shot of what you are aiming for?

Thanks ralph.m

Yes, Twitter is applying a grey gradient - was hoping for a plain white header background with the profile info shifted all the way to the leftside (company image/name/bio).

Here is an exmaple of what it is doing to mine sometimes (no association, but I do support what they do!)

It acutally looks like it is shifting a gradient layer.

And here it the format I am after:

Yeah, you can’t change that layout, I’m afraid. You just have to work with it.

And here it the format I am after:

Ha ha, yes, that’s the old layout (the other layout is a new feature). I’m pretty sure you can revert back to the old layout, if you want … but it will require delving into the settings. I haven’t updated mine to the new layout, so I can’t experiment with going back to the old one at this stage. But in your Settings > Design, you could try just removing the header image and see if that reverts things back to the old layout.


It may be that once you update to the new layout (or open a new account now) you can’t go back to the old layout. I suspect that’s the same with the new Facebook layout.

Looking at it in IE7 the header background isn’t even applied. FF it is.

Perhaps Twitter has left IE7 behind. Good move, IMHO.