Twitter is excluding the “@” from its post

I have read in Search Engine Journal that twitter is just launched an app, in which it is testing the experience of the user and also checking the usage, without @ tag.
Does anybody know more on this issue, please share your information here. And Let’s see, whether it is a change for good or turns out to bad?

I read about it today you can find more information about it here

Twitter rolls out a ton of these test features in small doses now and then. But I think this is a move in the right direction. This hashtag business has always confused me.

I have not seen this yet. Thank you for bringing it here.

I just tested it on my own Twitter account and it isn’t working for me as of this moment. I am all for gaining another character to use in my tweets, aren’t you?



I haven’t heard anything like that between @ is a good feature and it is unique no other social networks have been using with username.

It will stay for long :slight_smile: my thought

I don’t think it will be a good thing to exclude @ option from the post. It will stop people to connect with their favorite celebrities, don’t think it will happen as for me it will just decrease the number of twitter users.

I am sure they will choose the other easy method to tag people. Well, “@” in the post looks ridiculous in the post. They made a very creative decision to make the twitter more attractive.

I have not seen this yet. Thank you for bringing it here.

Ya, I just tested it on my own Twitter and it isn’t working… :frowning: