Twitter Grader - It's Real Value

What is it’s real value, is it possible to use this as a way to help factor Tweeter account worth? (busy at time of posting)

That link is broken…(at least at the time i tried it)

Didn’t work for me. It keeps showing me different quotes while its “loading” but its been loading for the past 15 minutes now. SEOMoz has a similar tool which shows you how many of your followers are fake / real – which also shows you your social influence in a sense.

  • Might want to try again, it gets overloaded.

datadriven - I couldn’t get it to work either on the first time either. I did get a result and scored really well - problem is that the algorithm for the grader is 3 years old and the output doesn’t really provide any useful data. Personally, I use Klout and try not to get caught up with the actual number of followers; but instead look at the actual engagement and what it’s doing to help me connect with the audience and ultimately drive revenue and brand loyalty.