Twitter follower!

At first there was 40 follower in my twitter account. And next time I logged in there was only 5.
How does follower decrease and how to increase them?

Your followers will decrease when (a) people realise they aren’t getting anything out of following you, and/or (b) you have bought or acquired followers from dodgy or fake accounts that have been closed down.

As to how to increase followers and stop the ones that you have from leaving, make regular tweets that are relevant and interesting.

Thanks!! It will help me a lot.

Followers can unfollow you at anytime. I frequently go through my account to remove the spammers and the inactive followers.
You can also be blocked.

If you not properly maintain your followers,then your followers might chance to dis-follow you.So,daily you should update some images,pictures with link related to your profile.That update should be attract you followers.Then only you should not lost your followers and also increase your amount of followers.

Not necessarily. Only tweet if you’ve got something worthwhile to say. I would much rather have one good tweet every week than a couple every day that are just ‘filler’ and don’t add any value, or are just blatant advertising. I’m far more likely to unfollow a twit who is just using it for self-promotion and tweeting all the time because they feel like they should, if I’m not getting anything out of it.

Oftentimes people will unfollow you if you do not follow them back. There is a myriad of software and services which allow people to automatically un-follow people who do not follow them.

If you are following these people and they are still unfollowing you, chances are there is something that they do not like about your content sharing strategy. Make sure that you go through your follower list and re-tweet worthy content. When you re-tweet their content first, they will be indebted to you and will re-tweet you in return.

Finally, when you do tweet, try to limit your self-promotion tweets to 1 in every 15 tweets. The rest of your tweets should be re-tweets and shares from other areas in your industry.

Make sure to tweet relevant tweets, i.e. not too much personal what you did for the day type stuff unless your twitter followers are all friends. Also make sure to respond to people’s tweets even if you aren’t following them. They usually will end up following you in return if you write something interesting.

I recommend you not to buy this kind of services, do marketing by yourself to get real follower.

Twitter removed inactive account and spammers (Correcting follower and following counts )

It will certainly cost you serious effort to do regular tweeting and to balance it with being relevant for your users. Also interact with others in your contacts so your profile will be found more real and reliable.

Buying twitter followers is a good way to increase your followers, but as long as they are real one. There are tons of services that sell pure bots.

Services that sell real followers:

I personaly use thinksociable for a long time for every site. They are not targeted, but I receive a plenty of traffic just from twitter.
You can find more of this services, but as I said earlier be careful.