Twitter feed widget

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if this is possible. Take a look at this page:-

Take a look at the Twitter feed at the top of the page. Is there a way i can NOT SHOW the image, and Xinfu title??

I only want to show the body of the feed, and the link “Join the conversation”. I dont want to show the image of the guy, and Xinfu title and even the “Twitter” image at the bottom left, as i already have one above.

By doing this it will all fit in the box you see :slight_smile:

So can i do this?

Links to the javascirpt i am using is here:-

Can anyone help?


The image and heading are wrapped with an element that has a class called “twtr-hd”

You can hide it with this CSS:

.twtr-hd { display: none; }

Thanks, that worked like a charm!