Twitter / Facebook

Actually this feature only works one way.

I suggest you used Only wire. I always use this everytime I bookmarked new posts on blogs and in my experience, this is very easy to manipulate. You can download their bookmarklet for convenience. This is a free software which you can spread your news to some famous social networking or bookmarking sites.

I do believe that there’s an application in Facebook that let’s you sync your Facebook post to twitter, same as with tweeter syncing tweets to Facebook.

I have linked Facebook and Twitter and whatever I posted on Facebook also appears on my Twitter. I am not posting much on Twitter so it saves time if your Facebook postings also appear on twits. Plus Facebook can accommodate more characters, Twitter adjusts to this by including a link to your FB posts at the end of each twit.

Twitter accommodates but you lose the advantages of the format as won’t have hash tags, account mentions or easy retweeting [accomplished by shortening your tweets to allow for RT @username:]. Saving a few seconds has a much bigger cost in the end…

Noted, thanks Ted, I might try this out. Honestly I am not much of a Tweeter user so I always use shortcuts. lol

This is the best idea to post anything at more than one place.By this , we save our time.But I only use Facebook to connect my friends.I use little twitter.

Reposting the same link or idea from time to time is smart… Posting with the same frequency is not wise – Facebook supports far less updating the twitter. Posting with the same message is equally bad as each channel benefits from it’s own format.

I used my yahoo profile to connect all my other social networks. (face book, twitter, flcker ect) its very easy with yahoo)