Twitter DM software

Looking into softwre that can DM followers both on initial follow, and for DM’ing after the fact (since there already is a following).

I see SocialOomph, but its not cheap at $26 to $36 per mo.

Any recommendations?

Are you trying to mass DM people? If so, why?

it’s a bad approach… sure social media is important but not by getting fake followers… so you have to be careful with that, don’t waste your money on a software like this…

Why would they be fake followers? Is there some unspoken practice going on?

Auto follow DMs are definitely not a best practice and something on the decline [thankfully] and is a good way to get you unfollowed if not called out.

Other follow dm services a search turns up:

Mass DMs on the other hand are essentially broadcasting and doing so in a “spammy” way which goes against the concept of social engagement. Thus my question about what you’re trying to do…

thank you Ted for your answer, it’s more clear now