Twitter counter always shows less tweets than the actual retweets

Hi. I go to my twitter dashboard and I see the number of retweets and when I check the same article on my site it always displays less tweet number displayed on the counter than the actual retweets. At times the discrepancy is so bad that one time the retweet on the twitter dashboard showed 50 but on my site the counter read 12. I moved site to a VPN about two months ago, could this have anything to do with the server set up? Or would it be more of the twitter button plugin that I’m using? I’m using Slick Social Share Buttons. Btw, I’m having basically the same issue with the Likes button for Facebook as well. Thanks for your help.

If you are having the same problem with both the Twitter counter and the Facebook counter then I’d say it’s most likely the plugin.

You might check here for some alternatives:

Thanks TheRaptor, I will read on it and try out different plugins and report back.