Twitter Competitions - Whats the best way?

I want to run a few twitter competitions with prizes of small value. Basically, I want to attract more followers.

Whats the best way for me to do this?

I currently have 100 followers.


I guess it would depend on what sort of business you’re in and the service that you intend to offer people. More details would be helpful.

Hi, its nice way but i think it will not effect on quality users. post quality content to attract more users. you have 100 followers its not so bad. thank you.

I was more thinking in general terms. I am thinking of setting up a hashtag and asking users to send an answer to a simple question to that hashtag. Is that ok?

with that kind of followers, i seriously doubt you would get any success. you would ton more followers to make any dent on it.

And how would you suggest he “adds” a ton more?

What type of prizes do you plan on running? Send an @tweet to your most loyal followers, and tell them to retweet it. I see competitions run all the time, and they use certain hash tags.

Use twitter search and find members that deals with your related niche.

And how would he go about marketing a competiton that way? Spam the link, or? Because, you just give him a plain response - and didn’t tell him how to do it, so basically, he’d search, with no keywords?

My tip: Type in keywords that relate to your niche - and @ those people that are tweeting on those keywords, try to talk to them first, and then ask them if they’d be interested in the competition, or tell them how to participate.

I don’t think Twitter is well structured for a competition, there aren’t the right tools to do that

Have you checked out any of the contests on twitter or is that just your gut feeling?

before inviting people customize your twitter back ground and then put some prices there like on following get $1 or other gifts. Now start following in which field you are interested.

I advise something along the lines of “our 1000th follow will receive a free gift” or “the 1000th RT will win a free gift” etc etc

To be very honest, i dont think any of this competition would attract much followers. You get to see this type of stuff all the time on the internet on different websites and you are like " Just another ad". I think you can search for users in your niche and follow them, they will follow you back, if they will find you are posting interesting tweets. Keep it simple. I feel, twitter has lots its importance in social networking as everyone is talking about Facebook. So I would recommend you to use your marketing strategies on Facebook rather than on twitter.

I don’t use Twitter much, but I tend to agree with joe12joe. On FaceBook they have all kinds of ridiculous ads that ask you to “like us”. I don’t “like” any of them. All they want to do is fill up my page with their useless drivel so that I have to jump through hoops to see news from my real friends.

Besides, why would you want to have a group of followers that aren’t following you for what you have to say and are only following you in hopes of winning a prize. If I entered your competition by “following you” I would surely quit following you when the competition ended.