Twitter backlinks

Are Twitter backlinks any good for your rankings?

Most twitter links are shortened to fit the length and go through a third party some of whom redirect cleanly, others who don’t but in either case there’s a huge volume of links being shared for engines to weight… You’re much more likely to see a result because of a future integration [i.e. what Google use to do with Tweets].

However backlinks should be #100 on your top 100 items of things to care about from social efforts.

Twitter back links are no-follow but can provide a referral traffic to your website if your tweets is re-tweeted by many re-tweeters.

this is exact answer answer i suggest…Twitter comes under they roof you Social Media Site, they nature of social media site is, that you have direct approach to your user and you get traffic from those sites and there is a little element of link popularity which is included e marketing that how many time your post is re tweeted, how many user like your post and how user share your post.

Twitter backlinks are very helpful for your website as there are millions of user on twitter who tweets everyday and you can generate traffic by twitting on your twitter profile and divert crowd on your website.

Twitter is a good tool to help promote your site, best way to get backlinks indexed is to ping them.

Links from Twitter help improve the ranking of your site for different reasons that are not directly related to the “anchor text” such as the increase of traffic on your website, and that your page has authority.

Care to explain how traffic increases the ranking of a site and how a nofollow’d link increases the authority of a page?

Twitter is a good way to increase traffic,but if without enough skills,it is not easy to do follow.I am also just learning to do it and twitter hasn’t done follow.

What nonsense! All links from Twitter are ‘nofollow’!

I don’t think it will help to get backlinks. It only help to get traffic & visitors for websites

Twitter is best for traffic, I don’t think it can be good for rankings.