Twitter API question?

Hey guys,

Wondering if any Twitter API developers can point me in the right direction. Long time PHP developer and am just getting into the twitter API.

Quick question… How is this done?

Basically it is a list of twitter users sorted by the number of followers they have, thus showing the most popular twitterers… Is it a database which is periodically updated or is their anyway to get this info from a request to the API?

Any Ideas?



You can’t get a list of top users from the API. They’re maintaining their own database and keeping it updated (through the API).

Have you tried asking this on official Twitter developers mailing list? There is always someone from Twitter dev team who can answer questions like this one.

When I had questions about the API, I got all the questions answered there pretty fast.

Page Scraping?

They don’t need to page scrape. If you’re the developer of a Twitter application you apply for whitelist status that lets you make ~20,000 API requests per hour. Since you can get the follower count of multiple users in one request, that’s enough to keep a database like that up to date.