Twitter and Conversion Rates


My sites all seem to get a much lower conversion rate from clicks from twitter posts than any other traffic source.

Seems strange to me as my followers on twitter are just as targetted as other sources.

Just wondering if other people are experiencing the same thing?


Most social sites are like that.

don’t expect that every visitor from social networking website will turn into a conversion. Only few of the visitors turned out to be real customers and in the case of Twitter chances are much less since twitter is somewhat less relevenat than other social networking websites.

you are right. Twitter fails to provide good conversion rate and it is only for traffic cliks.

Twitter is only meant for Clicks and though if you consider it to be as a conversion tool for the customers then it will help only a few of the customers to convert into quality traffic.

Basically it depends on how you have set your message in twitter, if your message fail to attract your followers, then possibly conversion ratio will remain low, and as all say in social networking you can not expect all will follow you as you ask them.

If you have the same visitor everyday then don’t expect to have the same conversion.

Think of your Twitter message as something similar to a Google Adwords ad. You’ll experience higher conversion rates for an Adwords ad if the ad copy is relevant to what you are selling and relevant to the keywords entered.

With Twitter, if your tweet that you are including your link in is enticing and relevant to what is on your web page, you’ll experience higher conversion rates.

The reason why so many twitter clicks fail to convert, is because tweets are just being used to push out links without thought in how the tweet’s message relates to the page being linked to.

I dont get any traffic at all from Twitter or FB and I have over 4,500 followers. I have been using it for around 7 months and at this point I keep at it for the backlinks. My Twitter page is now PR5 in a short period of time. I realize the backlinks are no follow but I know I see my links show up in Google Webmaster Tools and I think they are powerful and hopefully we learn more about them in the near future.