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Just over a week ago I launched a new version of this site after re-designing and re-coding the whole thing. Though there are still some tweaks, tidying up and improvements to be made.
One thing I have noticed and don’t know how to fix (my js skills are very limited, if indeed it is a js problem) is in the Share box the “Tweet” button does not load unless the share box is opened before the page finishes loading.
By default, the share box is not displayed, then is unhidden when “Share” is clicked in the nav.
If you go to the page, wait for it to load completely, then open Share, there is no Tweet, just G+1, FB like & share.
If you open Share before the page finishes loading, or refresh while Share is already open, it appears.
I guess the script does not show the button because the html it targets is hidden by css.
I put the scripts for the share buttons at the page end, because they are slow to load, could that be affecting it? Is there a way to make the button load while it’s hidden, or must it be visible on the page at load time?

Strangely the same thing does not happen with the main Twitter widget on the sidebar.
If the screen is < 800px the sidebar is collapsed into an expandable top bar. If the page loads with the sidebar hidden, the tweets are there when the bar is expanded.
This is the homepage address:-

Hm, they all load perfectly for me under all conditions. :confused: (Chrome, Mac)

I’m seeing exactly the behaviour @SamA74 is describing. (Firefox 46.0 on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.) Unfortunately, I can’t offer any assistance.

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OK, it must be a Firefox thing. I’m seeing the problem on FF 46.0.1 on Windows. In Chrome the button loads.
Edit: I see the same problem in IE too.

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