---.TV vs ---TV.COM

Looking to start a video directory and was planning on getting —.TV but I noticed a couple of .TV sites changing to —TV.COM. I asked them and they told me that many people were getting confused with the .TV domain.

Would it be better to get —TV.COM to avoid the confusion? Is this a major issue?

.com is an international Top Level Domain while .tv belongs to Tuvala.

.com is always better :wink: also for ----tv.com
Everyone know .com tld extension. And you can resell easily in the future

Thank you, that makes sense.

Having domain name as .tv.com is not good for business web sites. As that would be third level domain name.
TV domain names are availible for everyone. So you can register that as easy as COM domain name.
But I would not recommend have .TV.COM domain names.

It’s —TV.COM not —.TV.COM.

I’d go with .com