[Tutorial]Design a colorful wallpaper

I recently found this beautiful wallpaper and I tried to understand how it was made.

I found this tutorial but the special effects values and color codes mentioned are not same and also it is lengthy tutorial so I played with the settings and colors codes and finally got something that is closer to the original wallpaper.

Note: I will guide you only about the background colors. The text on the wallpaper is not covered in this tutorial.

  1. Create a new document (1024x768) and fill the background layer with Black Color (#000000)

  2. Create a new layer, Press G to apply Gradient and fill the new layer with White(#FFFFFF) to Transparent (Top to Bottom). Be sure the Transparent Gradient option is selected as shown in the image below;

Now you should have something like this

  1. Now go to Filter > Distort > Wave and use this setting

After applying this effect you should have something like this

Now move the gradient layer up a little to hide the white shining space, as shown in the image below;

  1. Go to Layers > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay and apply gradient with these colors values

#010101 #1a321d #556e2b #92942a #c5ac40 #dab154 #e48a36
#a03b1e #e25133 #e13e2b #e87372 #7d101f #e53d64 #d2186b #ca6cad #6b1770 #2b215c #0f3058 #0e1d25

After applying gradient you should have result like this

Now the colors we have got so far will be looking a little dull from the original so to give them a shine you can do this.

a) create a new layer
b) apply gradient from white to transparent
c) set the layer blend mode as “Overlay”
d) lower the opacity up to 50% to 60%

And you will see a shine on the colors now.

  1. After that you can erase the center area a little with Erase Tool and put text in there.

And you are done ;:wink:

You can see my wallpaper here.

Please try this tutorial and let me know if you are having any problem. I will try to help you :slight_smile:

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wow nice tutorial and image u got there… very lively. I will tell my friend who has an entertaining website to update his background image to this one after making. Thanks so much for your tutorial

Nice tutorial, now I know it is easy to make colorful wallpaper.

Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

thanks for posting this. I have found several pictures similar to this one and have always been on the lookout for a tutorial on how to do it. Now, thanks to you, I have one.

I tried making the same wallpapers, but setting up the gradient was really messing me up, it is not easy as it looked like :slight_smile:

Great tutorial though.

This looks pretty impressive. Are you using photoshop since you didn’t mention any software that u used to creat the wallpaper?

yes. it is photoshop being used. anyone who uses adobe photoshop could recognize the filters and tools being used.

Very nice totorial! thank you.:slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing it with us. Nice work. I am going to try to this one and see if I can come up with the same result (am really a frustrated designer :()

Very nice and simple, i think i’m gonna play around with this… :slight_smile:

great tutorial. i use to do work in coral photo paint but i wish i knew photoshop too…

thats very nice tutorial you provide here and I have photoshop 7 and I am a web designer. working for a UK website now. thanks for information.

a nice wallpaper, thnx for the tutorial!

Does anyone have the .psd file? I know, it’s embarrassing, it does look quite simple but I am a complete newbie at photoshop, but I really like this wallpaper, I get stuck on the layers. Perhaps this tutorial is for an older version.

nice tutorial I’ll bookmark this one thanks!!! I’m looking for this kind of stuffs used photoshop 7 gonna try this one right away!

sweet tut thanks for sharing!