Turning on websharing on mac?

Hi. I’m currently working through Kevin Yank’s php and mysql book. in the very beginning he had us install a local server, and since i’m on osx, most of the things i needed were included. I had to go to the sharing section in system preferences and turn on web sharing.

We also early on talked about how we needed a developmental server to test this stuff, but we might want to keep it local so it doesn’t spread out to the whole web. By turning on web sharing, did i allow for people to have access to stuff on my computer? If so, is there a way to set it up so that the server is only running for me locally?

If you can help i appreciate it very much!

Using your own computer as web hosting server will be possible. You said you wanted to give access to your friends to use your PC. What kind of access is it going to be? Remote FTP?

As far as I can see (I don’t use OS X), web sharing only enables url’s like


When you put them in a special directory.
But does not necessarily make them available to the complete internet.
If port 80 of you mac is not publicly available, i.e.

  • You have a direct internet connection but block incoming connections on port 80 in your firewall
  • You are connected to through a router, and this router does not have port forwarding set up for port 80 to your pc

no one will be able to see your local webserver.