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A common house cat is not smart enough to master the King-of-the-Jungle Wordpress. I just try to keep up with a little HTML and CSS. It seems to be adequate for my needs.

I have been coding HTML and CSS off and on for several years but my greatest improvements in knowledge have happened while volunteering here at SitePoint. It’s fun being exposed to new questions, ideas and techniques every week.

I would think that these oddities are the result of Wordpress preference settings in need of customizing. That is where I would look first, anyway. Maybe a Google search would turn up something… Or maybe you could post a question in the Wordpress support forum… Or maybe someone in the “CMS & Wordpress” category (http://www.sitepoint.com/community/c/cms-wordpress) would know.

You’re welcome.

A hint about inline tags in message posts:

When you want to show an HTML tag (or any string between < and > symbols), put a backtick before the opening less-than symbol and another after the closing greater-than symbol and the visiblilty will be preserved.

This: `< tag or string >` is rendered like this <tag or string> in a post.

(no space is needed between the lt or gt tag and the text. If one forgets the backticks, the tag disappears )


I did wonder why they were turning out like that thank s for the tip.

I had to change themes after because the one I was using had so many issues and bugs and html errors etc. So I’m using this new theme and it does not allow the contr=ent to stretch across the page like I want it to.

Is there a way to get it to stretch across like I want?


I can give it (Wordpress) a try with the understanding that I might make a mistake or two (easily correctable).

In the HTML there is a line <div class="vc_row wpb_row vc_inner vc_row-fluid">. The green images and bowtie are within that container. Please start by deleting everything within that container so you have a “clean”, full-width row (12 wordpress columns).

I do not believe that you will need the 3 wordpress 4-col containers.

For the sake of experimenting (testing the layout, not the bowtie image fetching requirement), can you insert the HTML code that I posted into that full width empty row and place the CSS on a local stylesheet (it may need to be more specific, but we will see that after it is inserted).

The images are in the foreground so you will have to change the location of the bowtie so it is a foreground image.

Does that make sense? It’s not the wordpress way, but it should work eventually if the bowtie fetch image can be made to work. I have another version of the HTML/CSS for that.

ok I’m going to give it a go. As it’s wordpress I need to create a new template for it and bring it into the child theme so here goes!

Yes, definitely. Best not to mess up your original.

Right finaly got to where I want to be.

I got it all to display full width but the links in the centre of the images are not right and I’m baffles about what to do with the massive bow tie image.


You are still completely within the Wordpress grid and I do not know how to guide you within that grid. While the code that I gave you is quite good outside of a grid, it is far out of place (or more correctly, I am far out of place) within your grid and should probably be removed.

A few messages ago I asked if the images being pulled into that center box were the same dimensions or aspect ratio. You did not respond to that question. If their sizes are consistent, then the task of importing and resizing them for the display is relatively easy. If they are not, then JavaScript must be involved and that too is out of my skillset.

I also asked you to create a single, full width (12 column wide), empty row near where you want the row of images. My “plan” was to make the images work as desired within that row (outside of the Wordpress grid). If successful, then you could probably figure out how to put them inside of the grid. Not a great plan, but it seemed to have potential. Apparently, you are staying within the grid.

I’m sorry, I have done all that I can short of trying to learn Wordpress, which I do not wish to do. I suggest that you seek help from a Wordpress person. Nothing beats first hand experience with the product.

I can move this thread into the Wordpress/CMS category if you wish.

Sure I do appreciate it.

It worked hard on it and sorted it, what do you think?

See my previous post.

Good luck.

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