Turning Blog into profits advice

Total newb question but was wondering if somebody can point us in the right direction and turning our blog into an ecommerce business? Can you sell advertising? Is it Adsense? What is the best way? Are there consultants that have a proven system? Thanks.

This is true but having / creating your own
product can slow you down and stop you
from taking action.

Start with affiliate products, learn what sells,
then create your own product and sell it on
your own and using affiliates.

If you can build up a reputation as an effective
affiliate marketer, you can then recruit these
product owners to sell as an affiliate for you.

I do not know a single high level marketer that
does not do both … they are logical extensions
of each other so do not choose 1 or the other,
choose to do both.

Start a blog that is niche specific and then
either sell a product or service or recommend
a product or service and earn a commission.

Just be careful that you disclose any relationship
you might have with a company you’re recommending
to avoid violating the FTC regulations.

It really depends on a niche, as said above. But the best idea, in my opinion, is to write what you know about and sell your own products/services related to a subject. In this case, all the money (not just commissions) is yours.

The best way for monetizing a blog is by affiliate programs, I saw incredible high numbers from blogs with brilliant affiliates and niche selected.

You are asking different things here. Are you turning your blog into an ecommerce site or are you asking about monetizing your site?

It is possible to do everything you are asking about. You can create an ecommerce site. Sell advertising or add adsense. Every niche is different some niches do well with adsense and some do not. When it comes to paid advertising your blog must bring in enough traffic to that others are willing to pay you for advertising space.

A good example of monetizing your site was on Problogger the other day.

Ecommerce blog, You means selling your own products/services? If yes, you can just buy a business template and then add your products.
But if you want to monetize your blog, there are ppc programs such as Adsense, you can also add a space for advertisers like the 125x125 ads we see everywhere or make sponsored posts.