Turn-Off Annoying Highlighting in Adobe Illustrator CS

[i]Hi, there… does anybody know how to turn off that annoying feature of Adobe Illustrator CS where it highlights an object in blue with these little tool-tip thingys saying “path” and “anchor” and stuff??.. It’s really distracting and it’s driving me up the wall!!


ctrl+U :slight_smile:

Hey!!.. Thanks, dude!!

Are you planning to switch back and forth on views or completely remove them?
Don’t you think that they’re there for a reason shaun?
In the end you will get used to them :wink:

Yeah, smart guides are cool! they can be a real timesaver. Having said that, there are times when they can also be a distraction, I tend to switch back and fourth constantly :slight_smile:

:agree: 75% time they’re turned off, but once turned on they are irreplaceable.