Tubepress install on CSS/Html website built in Dreamweaver?

I built a “non” WordPress website.

I built a standard HTML / CSS website with Dreamweaver (still very new to webdesign though).

I don’t got any PHP code in my site, nor is the site live with domain or hosting yet (I’m still working on it) video gallery is last thing I need to finish site.

can I integrate Tubepress into my site and if I buy will you guys help me get it setup?

the confusion is coming from me thinking the Tubepress code will only work on a WordPress site, (which I don’t got)
or on a php built site (which I don’t have) nor do I know anything about PHP.

Can I somehow use Tubepress with my website?

any feedback would be much appreciated


ps posted this over at tubepress and sent them email got no response


It looks like Tubepress Pro is a standalone library, so you should be able to use that without WP.

You can run PHP on your own computer quite easily by setting up a ‘virtual server’. The easiest way to do that is download something like MAMP (for Mac) or WAMP or XAMPP (for PC).

Once you have that virtual server set up, you build your site as if it were online, and follow the installation instructions for Tubepress.

EDIT: actually, taking another looks at the TP install instructions, the files are meant to be in a “web accessible” location, so perhaps you need to set up this part of the site once you’ve gone live.