Trying to use exif_imagetype

It doesn’t matter what code I use, I keep getting this error

Warning: exif_imagetype(Group_0290_10x7.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\BIAPEI\addNewsConfirm.php on line 14

I know the file info is being sent because I can get the file name and extension. The function getimagesize doesn’t work either, same error.

I’ve been combing this site and others but can’t find this error associated with exif_imagetype. I did check my php.ini file and extension=php_exif.dll is enabled. What am I missing?

OK, glimmer of hope. I realize that the function is looking for the file in the wrong place, but I don’t want to upload it before checking it so what do I do with it?

but I don’t want to upload it before checking

What is this exactly?
You can only use php on the server, so you can not check it before upload with php. Do you mean check it before moving it from the temporary folder?
If you want to check it before uploading it to the server you would need something like javascript but I do not know if javascript will check exif data.