Trying to upload site files to FileZila

I’ve been trying to upload the website code to my website using FileZila and I still get that “Index of” and the file names under it when I try to load my website.
How can I fix it? Thanks!

That’s my folder -

Are you sure you have the files saved with the correct file extensions? Also, you might want to rename your style sheet; index is usually reserved for your home page, whether that’s index.html, index. php or whatever. Perhaps index.css wouldn’t cause any problems, but I’d change it just to be on the safe side.

Oh okay thanks, I will change it.

Which file extension it should be saved in? I’ve saved it inside the public_html files

The files should be saved with the correct file extension - .html or .htm for HTML files, and .css for CSS files.

Okay, I managed to make it seen but it looks bugged, seems like the css file is not working at all.
That’s how the website looks right now, bugged -

When you renamed the .css file, did you remember to update each of the files linking to it?

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Yes, I fixed it somehow anyway…
But somehow the images doesnt appear, I mean just a few appear, others just dont, no idea why O_O

Are you sure that the file path to those images is correct? In particular, check that the filename matches exactly, including capitalisations. If you are using a Linux server, it will regard picture.jpg and Picture.jpg as two different files.

Thanks mate! All the small stuff such as Game.png / game.png haha.

Thanks again.

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Do have Windows?

Are your View settings such as to show file extensions?

I didn’t think Filezilla wouldn’t get the extensions if the view wasn’t set to show them, but maybe.

You should check the settings to make sure you aren’t renaming files from

I managed to fix it up mate, thanks anyway!

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