Trying to understand the Top Channels figures in the AdSense home page

In the AdSense home page, there is a section called Top Channels. For each of your channels, this shows the earnings in a specified date range, and the percentage change in those earnings.

My question is: What exactly does the percentage change show? In particular, what period does it apply to?

For example, if I set the date range to “This month - December”, does the change column show the change compared to the same days in November? Or the whole of November? Or December last year? Or what?

Similarly, if I choose “last 7 days” as the date range, is the comparison with the same seven days last month? Or last year? Or is it the previous seven day? Or what?

Hope this makes sense.


So, I guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t know the answer to this.

Not to worry. I’ll post the question over in the Google forums. If I get a good answer, I’ll report back here.


I didn’t see this thread earlier, so a little slow - but from a little investigation…

The last 7 days are compared with the 7 days prior (ie. comparing this week to last week).
I guess the others follow - ie. this month compared to last month.

I’m not sure about this month to date though…

Thanks, Masm. What you said about 7 days sounds plausible.

Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be too difficult for me to figure it out for myself, by comparing the actual figures for the period in question. Maybe I should do that, and report back.