Trying to understand Firebug's messages

I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue I’m having with JavaScript concerning a syntax error. The message that Firebug is giving me in the console is the following:

missing ) after condition
Line 32

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when it says “Line 32”, it’s actually referring to the generated page or markup and not that of “post.php”, right? Because after all, how could it know whether or not something is coming from the PHP when it logs JavaScript issues…?

You’re right. In FF, hit [CTRL]U to read the source, then [CTRL]L to pull up the “go to line” dialog. then enter 32, and note the line there. Then you can find the same line in your script (if different) to correct the issue.

That’s what I thought, Dave. Thanks. Have you ever used the Google Chrome JavaScript Developer Tools? I just did and while I’m definitely no JavaScript debugging guru, I can say that it’s a tool everyone should have simply because of it’s ability to help you pinpoint when you might have accidentally misplaced a resource. :slight_smile: