Trying to set up a folder structure...NEED HELP!

I have a unique situation I am trying to resolve. I have a web domain registered that I’m in the process of building. I also have created a seperate site for school over a year ago and want to upload this to my main site in a subfolder. So in essence it’s hidden except for the people I send the URL to. I hope this makes sense. I created a subfolder in Dreamweaver and loaded my school site as a sub folder but when I type “” I get an error saying it can’t find the site. Am I missing a step here? I am new to web building and just trying to wrap my head around everything.


Hi tricky81. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

If you’ve loaded everything in the right place, that should work, as long as the in-page links still relate to the locations of each file. That domain you posted implies that the file school.html is in a folder called /school/. If so, that will work, so it if doesn’t work, check that you’ve actually uploaded the file to that location.

Thanx for the quick reply Ralph. Everything you posted makes total sense, the only thing is it’s not translating right in my instance. I do have a subfolder called school with a school.html file inside. I don’t have any links to it from my main site, I just wanted to post the whole school site to a subfolder of my main site.

Knowing all that info, I go to my remote folder structure and it’s a bit confusing because there are dulplicate files everywhere, so which folder gets read as the site? I believe it’s the “public_html”, I have the school folder in there as a subfolder but it still doesn’t work. Any more ideas??

thanx for the help


Yes, /public_html/ is commonly the site’s main “root” folder. So I would expect that navigating to should work, as long as the file is actually there. Can you visit the main site home page, and is that directly in /public_html/ ?

Answers to your questions are yes and yes. I can access the main site. I have experimented with moving the “school” folder to different directories in my remote folder structure but can’t seem to get it to work regardless of where it’s at. I really don’t understand why this is soooooo dificult. Anyways… thanx for the Help Ralph.


Nor do I. It should be really simple. If you want to PM your server details, I could have a look for you.

FINALLY GOT IT!!! I truly don’t know what I did different but one second it wasn’t working, then I went on this morning and just went to the site (just to see) and BAM!! Really strange. Thanx Ralph for hanging with me through this. Hopefully I can move on now. lol


Glad to know it’s working. :slight_smile: