Trying to remove a class

I have a page,
When you click on the “GPS TIMING” box, A whole bunch of javascript happens to grey out a bunch of elements,
I am also removing the jqeasytooltip class to make the tooltip of the connection between ntwan and the gps timing box using the classlist.remove thing which appears to work

but why does the tooltip still fire when the hover occurs?

#1: I’m going to recommend globalizing your types a bit. Instead of just "class=“ntwan” how about class=“box ntwan”, and then you can select all the boxes with one line instead of selecting 50 things independently and turning them all off. Turn them all off, then turn the relevant ones back on. Much simpler.

#2: Without documentation, it’s going to be tricky to debug your plugin’s code, especially as they’ve taken steps to obfuscate it. Have you contacted the author?

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ok,am doing that,

f I do that, a box is like,

<g ... class="system ancc">
  <g>//the shadow</g>
  <rect>//the box</rect>
  <text>//the text</text>

I don’t know how to select all the

<g>,<rect>, and <text>

inside every class, what I thought Id have to do it give each one a class

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