Trying to optimize the site

I’m trying to get the site, to be as fast and search engine friendly as possible.
Is there a way to sort of test the current site to see what needs to change?

Try these free sites.


Use a tool like which can show you slow points.

I took a quick look at your site and you are pulling in 22 javascripts, and 17 stylesheets - that in itself is an excessive number of http requests and probably a factor. Remove the ones you don’t need (only call in the ones needed for the current page), and concantate JS and CSS into fewer files to reduce http requests.

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ok, heres my plan (let m e know if this is ok)
I duplicated the site and put it at
It looks like the only plugins I need are the nivo slider one and the contact form 7 one.
This is what I think,
On the dev site should I simply deactivate the plugins 1 by 1 to find the needed ones and only activate those (or can I delete/deactivate all the plugins and simply add the nivo slider, and contact form ones, and totally do away with woocommerce as Im going to shopify)
Is this the way I can ensure my dev site wont be using unnecessary bandwidth?

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