Trying to install Golang to an Apache Linux server

I have a background in Windows but unfortunately very little knowledge of Linux and Apache servers.
I have successfully setup the Windows Golang environment, studied the tutorials and created numerous localhost programs.

Install online to an Apache server
WiredTree Host support said that Golang can be installed and recommended Linux install:

Remote Server:
WiredTree Server: i686
Operating System: Linux
Apache Version: 2.2.22
Golang Version: go1.1.2

Install Log: 2013.11.25
Downloaded Go Version go1.1.2 for Linux 386
Extracted all files to Windows 7
Uploaded all files to …/usr/go/ (is that correct)

Current $_SERVER['PATH'] => /bin:/usr/bin

How do I:
    1. Toggle from Apache to Golang
    2. Add "export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin" to etc/profile
    3. Create "Hello World"

Which flavor of linux? If you are running on ubuntu I would just use package management – see

I do not know what version of Linux is on the server, it does not give any details. Technical Support recommended the link so I assume it is correct.

I do not know how to use package management.

What is the Linux equivalent to a Windows batch file that will run the Sudo commands?

A shell script would be the equivalent.

That said, I would just use putty to login to the server via SSH and then try to run sudo apt-get install golang – probaby 65% chance it is a modern version of ubuntu so that should just work. If it isn’t it will just say the apt-get command not found (which tells you you are not running Ubuntu or anything else debian based) or package not found. If it says package not found then you might want to try the 2nd set of instructions.

Now, I took a gander at your host and it seems they are likely running CentOS, which is a flavor of enterprise linux which means there are not apt repositories. But it is ok because you’ve got yum and you’ve probably got the EPEL repositories setup so you should be able to just run sudo yum install golang and it will install. If you don’t have EPEL ask the hosts and they should be able to hook that up though I have yet to see an EL web server configured without EPEL as so many things depend on EPEL packages.

The underlying point is that if you are using non-ghetto software and a non-ghetto flavors of linux downloading tarballs and installing manually you are probably doing it wrong.