Trying to find project to contribute on github

i have learned php and done many project with it .
know i feel very comfortable with php but i need to keep growing my skills and there is no better way to that then learning and contribute with other developers
but i can’t find a good project to start with. any suggestions ???

Why not start your own? If you have to make all the decisions yourself it helps you think about what you’re doing a lot more.


Most useful projects arise from someone seeing a need. Look around you. What do you see a need for? What could be better? Code something to help meet the need.

If you can’t think of anything, then start small and offer useful bits of code on GitHub—at least to get yourself started. Try to whip up the most useful possible contact form script, for example, as lots of people are always looking around for those. Or offer useful snippets of code that people on PHP sites could use for specific tasks—like a poll script, a comments feedback script etc. It’s good practice, offers something useful to thers, and may lead to an idea for something much bigger and more significant. (2c)

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