Trying to find a script like a slideshow showing an image and text changing


I think a slidescript is the best way I can describe this, you can see an example of what I mean at

Thanks for any help!

Hi there,

the slider on the page you link to is built using jFlow.
Here’s a link to a tutorial which explains how to build your own:
The demo in the tutorial doesn’t work, but if you follow the download link, you can download a working example.

that is a wp plugins … jflow-content-slider

If you want the same slide. You can always look in the source of that page and check the script. You can copy it and then re-edit it! After that you might look for a app to secure the files it that case the script.

But not sure if it is recommended!

I am also looking for advice in this ! At least when i could not find on forums / blogs … i was going on the website i saw an example of what i wanted and copied the script then i re-edited, reconstructed for my website . How i said . i am not a pro! … i am at the beginning and everything good is welcome.