Trying to figure out where to put JSON data for jqxPanel

This (View Source) is how the documentations says to use the jqxGrid and I have been successfully passing JSON data to the jqxGrid in the datafield property as shown below


                   source: dataAdapter,
                   width: '400',
                   height: '100'
                   columns: [
                       { text: 'Name', datafield: 'full_name',width: 100},
                       { text: 'Zip Code', datafield: 'zip_code',width: 500}

JSON data is something like this which I am grabbing:

  "employeeInformationList" : [ {
    "full_name" : John Wendler,
    "zip_code" : "44444",
	"Document" : "//500 Words document content here that I need to insert in jqxPanel"

Now, I want to display the contents of the document and for that I am planning to use jqxPanel so that the contents can be displayed properly. Looking at the API reference here

I don’t see any property where I can pass something like { text: 'Doc Content', datafield: 'full_name',width: 100}. The only properties I see are


Does anyone know how can I pass JSON data to jqxPanel? I don’t have any hardcoded data just like they have show in the View Source page.

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