Trying to create a code that will calculate GST on a predetermined.amount

We are trying to modify a webpage that is a registration form for a golf tournament. The previous form we used calculated the 5% tax based on the amounts that were not eligible for a tax receipt. This included the $149 of the $199 golf registration and the $50 Dinner and provided a total

We are trying to move to a new format and do not know how to have the form show the 5% value and then the total as was done in the previous version.

We are new at this and would appreciate any advice or assistance that may be available. Here is the link to the new form.



Well, what are you coding the new site in?
What does your current code look like for doing the math? Your page calls a rather large number of “axd” files, which appear to be javascript files in disguise that were sourced from CodePlex at some point in the past…

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