Trying to buy a domain name someone else owns

What is a good approach to attempting to buy a domain name that someone else owns? I would really like the domain name, but I don’t want to come across as too eager and encourage them to jack up their asking price. Or instead of contacting the owner directly, is better to just do it try to use something like Godaddy’s Domain Buy Agent?

I would try the godaddy buy agent only after pre-ordering the domain, many times you can pre-pay for the domain when it does expire and if it is not renewed, it is yours. Then maybe try the agent or just contact the guy and throw him an offer.

i recommend :slight_smile:


Go directly to the owner of the domain name and make an offer that is not insulting but that is what you are willing to pay. The worst that could happen is that he will say no.

There is NO guarantee that the domain name will EVER become available and there is no service that can guarantee that they can get it for you - in other words, don’t waste money on these services.



Thanks…that’s pretty what I thought, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Leave a quote for the domain name you are interested in on forums. Or leave request with hint for the domain name :wink:
Good luck

1-Let the seller know you are serious by making a serious offer. Customize the email and include all your personal contact information
2-Some people don’t know how to sell names and could be worried about getting ripped off. To counteract this show them the sedo/monicker/escrow process and prove to them that this you are not a scam

I’ve heard it said that when asking for the price of names, that some quote 10x the real price they are willing to take/settle on for selling a domain. Feel out how much they really want. Explain to them you are serious about the name, and that you want to give them a fair price.

Also, ask yourself, if you owned the name, and someone asked you to sell it, what price would you be willing to sell at? That usually is a good starting place.

If they want too much more than that, my advice is move on to find an alternative. Alternatives usually exist. And also, let the current owner know that you have alternatives. This helps balance your chances of getting it, since the owner isn’t the only one who can satisfy your needs. They may want to sell, but are playing the game of squeezing out as much out of the buyer as possible. (But be truthful, don’t just say that if you really don’t have alternatives.) In my experiences, there are always alternatives.