Trust Guard PCI seal

If you see Trust Guard PCI scanned seal on a php product website, (something like whmcs site or so) does it attract your trust more and does it affect anything in your decision to use that product vs. another product that doesn’t have it?

Asking a person or two doesn’t give you any useful information. It’s not a large enough sample to extrapolate anything, and you know nothing of the experience and biases of the people here.

The best thing you can do is to try it out yourself. Most of the companies that offer trust marks will do a 30 day trial if you ask. No cost to you. So for those 30 days run a split test where you show some of the visitors a page without the trust mark and show the trust mark to others, and see if there’s a meaningful difference in conversion rate.

First of all try to understand that it is something you really need or something you have been looking for. I’m absolutely certain that more then 50% of the web hosting users have never used some cpanel/whmcs features or options.

if that is being used that mens that someone do trust it :wink: