Trumbowyg text editor

True fretburner I found this nice little text editor Trumbowyg . The implementation is/was quite straightforward. I have only problems to figure how to get the formated text into the database. When I submit the form just the plain text is going into the database without the created paragraphs, lists, etc… Does anyone have experience with this text editor? And if so how do I get the formated text in the database.

Thank you in advance

Wrong thread, donboe?

Hi Pullo. I’m not sure what you mean? :frowning:

Stupid me :hushed: I was sanitizing the string. That’s why all tags were removed. Sorry for the inconvinience

This threw me, as it had no context:

Unless you mean “Through fretburner”?

Anyways, glad you got it sorted.

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