TrueCrypt, external hd and partition


I have an external harddrive which I’d like to encrypt with TrueCrypt. Unfortunately, this hd is partitioned (by default, since I never created any partition in it) and, as far as I understood, TrueCrypt won’t work on a partitioned hd.

How could I remove the partition in order to use TrueCrypt? Is it possible that I don’t lose my data in the process?



Oh no, you can very much lose all your data in one go. I do not recommend you go though with this. Encrypting a hard drive will take a while, even longer with existing data. If anything was to happen during the encryption process, data gone. If anything was to happen during the decryption process good chance the data is now gone.

Unless you have several backups of your data, onsite and offsite. DO NOT ENCRYPT YOUR DATA. IT CANNOT BE RECOVERED IF THE WORST HAPPENS.

You are better off on encrypting only a small amount of data.

thanks :slight_smile: