True or False



Next person lives on or near a mountain.


True, at least by some standards. At only 1,202 feet (366 m), by other standards a non-mountain, so False

The next person enjoys mountain top hiking.


True ( although I don't often get the opportunity)

Next person owns, or has owned, a pair of blue suede shoes.


False, brownish suede shoes yes, but never blue. Elvis gave them to sombody else.

Next person has never watched an Elvis movie.


False!! Who hasn't? :banghead: Elvis is a Hero! :sunglasses:

Next person dresses like Elvis :+1:


Next person makes 5k$ per month!


False, I don't make $. :slight_smile:

Next person has no TV.


False - although for many years I didn't.

Next person prefers radio to TV.


True, listening doesn't confine you.

Next person wish there was a radio that could time-shift or at least pause and replay the broacast.



The next person never learned to ride a bicycle.



Next person has kept goats.


False, it was sheeps.

Next person has eaten quail eggs.


Next person was dismissed at least once


The next person prefers to stay at home and binge watch movies and shows.


The next person just come back from holidays



Next person has walked on fire.



Next person can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.


Next person will answer in a year time.


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